Welcome to LadderMaxx!

Keep your hands free for the important work with this Ladder Maxx Tool Carrier for Ladders. Mounting in seconds without tools or fasteners, this amazing timesaver holds tools, paints, hardware, cords and more. With the convenient drop-in spooler rod, you can even mount spools of wire, cable, rope, chain or just about any rollable material. It’s a great way to save time, effort and your balance!

Ladder Maxx Tool Carrier For Ladders Includes:

  • Tool carrier basket – measures approx. 14″L x 23-1/2″W x 5″H
  • Tray insert
  • Spooler rod

Product Features:

  • Conveniently hold and store your tools and supplies on your ladder while working
  • Lessens the likelihood of dropped tools
  • Helps you maneuver up and down your ladder without carrying cumbersome tools
  • Mounts easily without tools – simply slide handle over the ladder and go to work
  • Portable design – carry your tools to and from the work site and straight up the ladder
  • Locking handle grip – gives you a firm ergonomic handle for comfort and control
  • Durable metal design – high-carbon steel easily holds impressive amount of supplies
  • Cord-holder locking pin helps keep your cord stable and out of the way
  • Spooler rod – spools spin freely on the steel rod
  • Tray insert – gives you a solid base to place smaller tools and hardware
  • Made of enamel coated high-carbon steel
  • Made in China



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